WesseX Corporation

Strafford, NH, USA

Welcome to the WesseX Corporation Website.

We were a small company located in Strafford, New Hampshire, whose purpose was to persuade computers to work the way that their owners want them to.

However, due to a declining demand for our services, we have now decided to close our business.

Some comments and suggestions to help you stay safe and virus free

Microsoft never calls you because they have noticed errors on their servers from your computer. In fact Microsoft never calls anyone. If you get a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft ask them for Microsoft's Toll Free Number and their extension so that you can call them back. If you get a number try a reverse search - it won't be Microsoft.

The Event Viewer is full of errors and warnings - 99% of them are usual and normal.

Back up anything you can't afford to lose on an external USB hard drive. Backup on a schedule - once a month would be prudent.

Buy a big external drive such as 4 Tb (Terabytes) or bigger as it will allow you to store multiple copies of everything and is very cheap per Gb (gigabyte) of space. Ideally buy two and alternate them. One day you'll be glad that you did.

Do not allow someone to rush you or scare you into giving them access to your computer and or paying them. These are scammer techniques.

If you suspect someone, other than you is in your computer, disconnect it from the internet immediately. You can unplug the network cable, turn off wireless, turn off your router, turn off your modem, or unplug it. Whichever method you choose, do it now

Scammers want to be paid through non traceable methods such as Western Union, Bit Coins or Gift Cards. Reputable companies accept Cash/checks or Credit cards If you have allowed anyone into your computer, it is prudent to act as though they have a copy of everything, so change all of your passwords and security questions, contact your financial institutions (Banks, Credit Unions and Credit Card Companies) and tell that that you think that your computer has been hacked and ask for their assistance.

Change the password on your computer and email account(s)

If you are comfortable doing less involved tasks on your computer, you should run your antivirus on the most intense setting it has, before going on line and updating it. You should also run your AntiMalware.

Although Windows come with Restore Points, they can often be less than effective in restoring to a point prior to your computer being infected. The only absolute way to remove the infection is to run the reformat and restore option on your computer to bring it back to factory conditions, after that you can reinstall your software and replace your data files from back up. However, a quicker way is to restore the image that you created on your external hard drive.

If the above sounds daunting to you - get professional, or at least competent and experienced help.